Quickshell Size Guide

How to work out your shell scheme?


Generally they are for the smaller exhibitors and their size is measured in metres in Europe and feet in the USA. (In America a shell scheme is called a booth where they use pole and drape.)

Shell schemes are easily identified on the hall plan. They normally occupy the perimeter of the halls, side by side, and can be 2m x 2m, 2m x 3m, 3m x 3m or combinations. In some cases, a half panel is used which is measured in 0.5m increments. They all have the same height of about 2.4m. The walls are made from individual panels at 1m wide.

Because they are side by side some shell schemes have three walls (a back and two side walls) and some have two walls (a back and one side).

When using our online calculator, you select how many metres your back and side walls are and our calculator will work this out. If you only have one side wall, just select 0 as your second side wall.